OPMN connection refused; AS within VM

Yesterday I had fun installing the SOA Suite with its components within a virtual machine using Ubuntu as the OS.  Everything was working fine until I tried to connect to the application server through OPMN using Jdeveloper.  (The connection wizard is the first step in het Hello World exercise ;-))

I got the same message over and over again:

Error getting OC4J Process for: opmn-oc4j_soa+oc4j-<IP-address>-6003-default:
Error connecting to OPMN (is it running?): Connection refused: connect

First I was looking to various firewall settings, I even installed the basic firewall GUI (for IPTables) Firestarter.  Unfortunately it didn’t resolve anything of my problems.

While “doing the google” I found that within a VM you might want to adjust the opmn.xml config file, adding the following italic line:

  <ipaddr remote=“” request=“”/>
  <port local=“6100” remote=“6200” request=“6003”/>
  <ssl enabled=“true” wallet-file=“$ORACLE_HOME\opmn\conf\ssl.wlt\default”/>


And it did work!!! I’m still not entirely understanding why I would need this extra line
when using a VM. But as soon as I found out, I’ll post it.
If someone finds out before me, please feel free to comment on this post.



4 Responses

  1. I got the same problem using SOA-Suite on Ubuntu on my local machine.
    Connecting only worked with “localhost” or “” and not with the actual ip-address. After this change in the config-file it worked! Thanks a lot for this blog.

  2. Kevin

    Yesterday we also hit “Error getting OC4J Process …”, we considered “firewall settings” and after “doing the google” we hit your blog post and solved the problem. Thanks for posting.

    Jan Vervecken

  3. I ran into the same issue, after spending a day working on this without success, I found your blog, tried and it worked like a charm.


  4. Thanks for this post – I’ve been banging my head against this for a while – don’t know why it works but it did 🙂

    I wasn’t up to the investigating of the VM side of things just the SOA AS, db connectivity (as stated, ESB console good but cannot deploy to it) – this fixed it.

    Cheers Kevin, Steve

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